Empowering women and welcoming your baby into the world are the greatest gifts we have as midwives. It’s my passion. Please Contact Me if you have any questions.

Midwifery Services:
You can start with a midwife at the beginning of your pregnancy or anytime before your baby is born.
At each prenatal, we will check your blood pressure, pulse, urine, uterine growth, your baby’s heart rate, and we will discuss a variety of topics.
Prenatal visits typically last about 45-60 minutes.

Below are the services starting from the beginning of pregnancy:
Initial Prenatal visit, including reviewing your history, a physical health check, and blood work.
Monthly prenatal visits until 28 weeks.
Every 2 week prenatal visits until 36 weeks.
Every week prenatal visits until birth.

Birth: On-call for your labor and birth. Your midwife and the assistant will join you in active labor. During labor, we monitor your health and your baby’s well-being, provide support and encouragement, and gently help welcome your baby into the world. Waterbirth, yes! Bathroom hallway birth? Sure! Being in your home provides the freedom for you to move and we will follow your lead. We will monitor your newborn’s transition wherever the birth happens. In the immediate postpartum period, we will monitor yours and baby’s wellness, give you plenty of time and space to bond with your newborn and partner/family, and help you be as comfortable as possible.
Both the midwife and assistant are trained in CPR and NRP (neonatal resuscitation), how to manage hemorrhage, how, when, and if to transport to a hospital, and other birth situations.
We stay with you and your newborn for approximately 4 hours after birth.

Postpartum: Scheduled postpartum visits are:
Home: 1 or 2 days postpartum, 1 week and 2 weeks postpartum. Plus, phone support.
At the office: 6 weeks, 12 weeks (3 months), 24 weeks (6 months), and 48 weeks (11-12 months).
*During the first 6 weeks additional postpartum appointments will be added as needed; such as for additional breastfeed support.