About Cheryl

I was born in Washington state, but grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. I lived in Florida for 9 years. Now I call Longmont, Colorado my home. My home is shared by my partner, three cats, and a dog. I graduated from the Homeopathy School International in 2010 and from the Midwives College of Utah in 2014. I completed a Bachelors of Science in Midwifery.
I have loved natural health for a long time. My mother used to think that I should become a nutritionist or a therapist. With Midwifery, I get to combine these talents of emotional, mental, and physical health education. Homeopathy was introduced to me when I worked for Whole Foods Market. It was such a curious medicine that I knew I needed to learn more about it. Enrolling at Homeopathy School International, started my journey to my true callings. Within six years, I completed a 3 year Homeopathy degree, an AS at Front Range Community College, and a Bachelors of Science in Midwifery at the Midwives College of Utah. Besides being the primary midwife and owner of HFH, I am also the Director of Student Life and Leadership and a faculty member at MCU. I am grateful for that crazy, overlapping time in school, and I absolutely love being a midwife, homeopath, and teacher.
During my free time, I enjoy gardening, making natural products, playing with my animals, reading, hiking and backpacking, dancing, and spending time with my partner, family, and friends.

Check out this interview that Melissa Windell with Earth Feather Healings and I did in June 2017:

About Midwives

Midwives are the primary reproductive care providers for women in all stages of life. A midwife is trained in all aspects of women’s health care, but a midwife’s scope of practice will vary from state-to-state. In Colorado, a midwife can care for a woman during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and well-woman care. Certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) primarily practice in hospitals and birth centers in Colorado. Registered Midwives (RMs) are specialized in out-of-hospital births and only attend home births in Colorado.

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is safe, non-toxic, gentle, and effective. The potentized, nano remedies that are used in Homeopathy are FDA regulated. Homeopathy works on the principle that like cures like. A substance that can cause a particular set of symptoms will also remove those same symptoms. For example, an onion causes watery eyes and a runny nose in most people. A common remedy for allergies, with watery eyes and a runny nose, is potenized onion or Allium Cepa. Homeopathy provides a gentle stimulus that stimulates your body’s own healing. Homeopathy flourished during the 1800s and early 1900’s in the United States. It is still widely used today in countries such as France, England, India, Australia, Argentina, and Canada. Homeopathy is so gentle, that pregnant women and infants can benefit from it also. To see more about the history time line of Homeopathy, click here. More general information, click here. Or to watch a short video on Homeopathy, click here. Interested in current research? click here.